Get your event going and organise a scanvenger hunt in a few easy steps! Your participants will need their own smartphone, a little bit of luck and your starting shot.
The hunt leads them from one checkpoint to another. The participants need to answer your questions at these checkpoints to get a hint where to find the next one. Here is how it works!

How to organise a Scanvenger Hunt:

Its relatively simple. Here's an illustrated guide:
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Ready to create a hunt?

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Got a smartphone and QR-Code scanning software?

We recommend the Kaywa Reader. It's free, download it here. Any other QR-Code scanning software will do as well.

More Questions?

Consider our fine FAQ


Please call or contact us for an offer / +41448182940).

To prepare you could already think about how many checkpoints and how many participants you expect. Of course we also consider the duration of your hunt. We've got special rates for schools and ngo's, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Create a test hunt!

Click yourself through a test hunt to get familiar with the fine art of Scanvenger Hunt creation

Create a real hunt!

Ready for the real thing? Contact us for pricing info: / +41448182940


Who can set up a Scanvenger Hunt?

Everyone can set up a Scanvenger Hunt, its easy and fast. You can even test your own hunt, reedit questions, checkpoints and much more, if you'd like to. Don't worry we will also help you through if needed.

Who can participate?

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When setting up a Scanvenger Hunt, we will provide the Hunt organiser with a "start code". Anyone who has access to this start code is admitted to the hunt.

What do the hunters need to participate?

They need a mobile phone with a QR Code reader on it. We recommend the Kaywa Reader. It's free, download it here. Any other QR-Code scanning software will do as well. You also need a kaywa id and the start code of the Scanvenger Hunt.

How do I play a Scanvenger Hunt?

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After scanning the start code, you will get directions on your mobile device. Touch the button "Take me to the first checkpoint" and your browser will load a new page with the place coordinates, adress and a map. Move to the next checkpoint and answer the question either by scanning a code displayed somewhere, or by answering question directly on the screen of your mobile device (depending how the Hunt has been set up).

How can I win?!?

Hmmmm....thats a hard question. The Hunt organiser decides whether he wants the fastest or the smartest fox to win. Give your best and try it out!

Can I take a break while hunting?

Of course you can! But time is ticking all the same.... Please also know that after ending your hunt, you will not be able to start again or to continue where you've stopped.

What's a QR Code?

Short answer: A QR-Code is a printable hyperlink which you can scan with your mobile phone. Long answer here.

Who's behind Scanvenger?

Scanvenger is a product of Kaywa. We specialise in anything that's got to do with the mobile internet, QR Codes and Near Field Communication.
As Kaywa works with the department Game Design of ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts, Scanvenger is constantly crowing and will provide you with the most up to date features of social gaming combined with knowledge transfer.

How do I contact Scanvenger?

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let us know ( / +41448182940).


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